Annika and The Forest’s songs are melancholic pop songs illuminated by northern lights. The songs exude an elegant sensuality that project you into a world of images or scenes from an un-existing film. Pure and intense, Annika Grill’s voice has a unique way to switch from darkness to light through efficient melodies, strong lyrics, hypnotic bass-lines, stripped keyboards, enriched by acoustic and electronic notes from musicians of various influences.

Annika Grill is a Swedish artist (master in fine arts graduate at the French ENSAPC), writer, composer, singer and co-founder of the recording studio Afternoon Session (with producer and composer Edith Fambuena) that has worked with artists such as Hey Hey My My, Jean Guidoni, Polar, Kaolin, Jane Birkin…

In 2014 Annika And The Forest released 2 EP’s : Beginnings and By The Way.
In 2015 Annika And The Forest released the album Chromatic. Annika was in search of an additional “Swedish touch” to her songs which she found with the Swedish producer, programmer and synthetic sound creator : Charles Storm. Their collaboration has helped give birth to a mature electro pop sounding album.

In 2016 Annika And The Forest is Releasing a vinyl edition of Chromatic and Car remix, re-mixed by Maxime Delpierre (Limousine, Viking…) and mastered by Chab (Daft Punk, Lily Wood & The Prick…)